Betel Leaf Herbal Water (Hydrosal)

Product Code : DIH-01

Product Description : Betel Leaf Herbal Water (Hydrosal)

Product Description (Thai) : น้ำสมุนไพรใบพลู or น้ำพลู

Extraction Method : Water – Steam Distillation (No Chemical)

Major & Identity :

  • Organic acid (Acetic acid)
  • Betel composition (Eugenol / Acetyleugenol / Allyl-1,2-diacetoxybenzene / Eucalyptol / Chavicol)

Bioactive Specification

  • Total Aerobic Microbial Count          < 1  CFU/ml 
  • Total Yeast & Mold Count                < 10 CFU/ml 


Acute and Chronic Toxicity

  • None of any acute poisonous found.
  • None of sickness from poison accumulate to growth, change in hematology index and kidney. Incase to eat may have a little of effect to liver.


Recommended Product Use

  • Personal Care (Skin/Hair/Oral Care)
  • Cosmetic and Aromatherapy.

Packing : Aluminium bottle size 1 ltr

Shelf Life : 1 year from manufacturing.

(Keep in cool preferably at about 15-20ᵒC , dry place and protected from light. In original container, 12 months quality should be checked visually and olfactory before each use and fully checked after the shelf life period.)